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By: Gilbert Stockton  

Among the stock sales available today are GreenFlag Stocks, some of which have been in existence since 1986. They did not receive their name because they have a green flag beside their name on a stock list. The definition of greenflag stocks lays within the definition of "greening the earth", a relatively new concept to many ordinary people on the streets of the world. It is a term we can no longer ignore.

Environmentalist communities around the world are teaching, encouraging and cajoling us to seek our way to a greener earth through financial investment in greenflag stocks. The goal of the Greening the Earth movement involves a personal and business industry commitment to make environmentally and socially responsible investments in many mutual funds sold as greenflag stocks. It all reminds me of life as a child when parents would say, "you made the mess, now, go clean it up". However, I must admit investing in a greener future free of pollution and carbon footprints makes a lot of sense. Many individuals, businesses and governments invested in social and environmental mutual funds sold as greenflag stocks since 1986.

On April 8, 2008 in Sustainability Investment News, Social Funds, known as (SRI), the most Socially Responsible Investing firm offering mutual funds for community investing, corporate research and other investments continues to focus on socially responsible investment and ethical investment practices. SRI features 10,000 pages of interesting and to many people, previously, unheard of information related to social and environmental investing. These mutual funds are available as greenflag stocks.

Such men as Ex-Vice President, Al Gore are deeply involved in the green earth movement, directly hooked into social and environmental investing in the past and present. Among these people are those who have been investing in mutual funds sold as greenflag stocks. Proceeds from the purchase of greenflag stocks help to fund environmental and social needs across the globe.

Carbon emissions blamed on some of the world's largest corporations, others blame, on the cars we drive daily. The excessive use of gas and other energy fuels and general abuse of the earth is a firm belief among those who have and continue to purchase greenflag stocks. Thinking about the need for investing in greenflag stocks, in an attempt to re-create a green earth is sad in some ways.

Some of the greenflag stocks in today's markets flow from an established mutual fund namely, ThinkCapital Management. Some new mutual funds are ThinkGreen, ThinkGrowth, and ThinkGlobal, funds managed by ThinkEquityPartners and ThinkPanmore, both part of ThinkCapital Management Company. With the emphasis on individual investment in greenflag stocks to save the earth, there are thousands of people across the world investing the little money they have in daily bread for the family table.

One of the investments offered today and possibly one of vital importance is Wind Investment. There are two sides to this investment. One side is "pure play" a term applied to companies strictly investing in wind power, greenflag stocks. The other side of Wind Investment is that of corporations with interest in wind power holdings and a wide interest in other wind investments. Public companies issue greenflag stocks while privately owned corporations do not offer greenflag stocks.


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