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Florida Investment Property

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    Green is the New Business Color
    Ever wonder if one person can make a green difference?

    The answer is a resounding Yes!

    If you will: Reuse paper printed on one side for drafts and graphics; Use shredded paper for packing; Turn in ink cartridges to Staples for $3.00/ea coupons (use three per purchase).

    There are a lot of businesses across the country creating greener enterprises for local communities and the world.

    Seeking Greenflag Stocks

    By: Gilbert Stockton  

    Among the stock sales available today are GreenFlag Stocks, some of which have been in existence since 1986. They did not receive their name because they have a green flag beside their name on a stock list. The definition of greenflag stocks lays within the definition of "greening the earth", a relatively new concept to many ordinary people on the streets of the world. It is a term we can no longer ignore.


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